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Wancle Sous Vide Review

The Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide immersion circulator is one of the more budget friendly items in this category. It features a unique design that promises to offer functionality and produce delicious meals.

The manufacturers claim that this model is better than their other models and is more advanced than its older counterparts. They guarantee that it will give you professional cooking in your own kitchen.


Wancle In Action

The Wancle SVC001 sous vide immersion circulator delivers impressively well by giving you perfect results every time. It has specific areas of strength including easy usability, temperature accuracy and an easy to read and user friendly dial.

  • Design elements

Compared to other similar products, this Wancle machine has a unique feature added in as a top handle/grip. There is a trigger mechanism under the grip that opens up the plastic clamp when squeezed.

This grip/handle feature makes for easy portability and one-hand operation.

While the grip itself is a useful feature, users have commented that the clamp doesn’t open too wide. This may restrict you from clamping this Wancle device on thicker containers.

  • Machine power

The circulating system on this machine is exclusive in its action and is impressively quiet. As such the motor will keep the hot water circulating in the pot without making a whole lot of noise.

The temperature is accurate to the nearest 0.01 degrees. This ensures that your food is cooked at the exact temperature it should be cooked at. You can change the temperature to the nearest degree so that there is no compromise on flavor or the degree of doneness.

The Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker has an energy provision of 850 Watt which is quite sufficient for a motor of this sort. This means that the water will heat quickly and there will be little energy expenditure on cooking. The circulator heats up the water quickly and is better suited for smaller quantities rather than large.

The temperature ranges between 77-211.8F.

  • Smart technology

It features smart technology which means your food gets cooked properly even if you don’t check up on it every now and then.

If the water in the container reaches lower than minimum limit, the power will cut of automatically. Also, the timer ensures that your food doesn’t get overcooked and the heating stops when the desired duration for cooking has been reached.

The safety mechanism on this device shuts the unit off if you tilt the pot too much or drop it.

  • Display

The machine has a fairly easy to read and straightforward display. It shows the current temperature and can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. The ‘set’ button allows you to set the time and desired cooking temperature.

A play/pause button located on the lower end of the display starts or stops the cooking process. In case there is an error, a small scroll wheel on the side of the unit lights up red.

The display screen is both waterproof and anti-mist for the user’s convenience.

  • Dimensions

The unit measures 11.1 X 14.8 X 4.5 inches. It has an item weight of 3.3 pounds.

  • Certifications

It has been certified by ETL so you do not have to worry about biosafety. Other certifications include Reach, RoHs and GS.

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Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker comes with many features that are apt for making cooking easy and comfortable for everyone.

  • Accuracy: The temperature range on this thing is very accurate. Sous vide basics dictate that it’s important to keep the temperature at the right degree. You might think that a single degree won’t make a difference but you would be surprised to see how much of a difference this makes in taste. By keeping the temperature accurate, this immersion circulator helps in cooking food thoroughly.
  • Noise-less: This Wancle immersion circulator is not at all noisy. The motor will just do its work without disturbing anyone in the house. Noisy motors can be a nuisance so it’s a relief that this motor is silent.
  • Even distribution: The motor keeps water swirling in the pot so that there’s an even distribution of heat in the container. This helps heat all parts of the ingredients evenly and cook them nicely.
  • Easy cleaning: This circulator is made with stainless steel so it’s very easy to clean using a damp cloth. Also, it will last you long because of its durable construction.
  • Simple: The manufacturers say that adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only makes working with immersion circulators more complicated. Instead, you must focus on the core functionality of a gadget. If it serves the purpose, then it’s great for you. There is no need to get into these complications as they only increase the cost and make things hard.
  • Ranges: There is a wide temperature range on this device from 25 to 99 degrees Celsius. Also, the time limit is a 100 hours so you can cook anything you want at home.
  • E-Book: The Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker has an e-recipe book. This booklet features many recipes for cooking on a daily basis. You can try out new steak recipes, vegetables and desserts. Cook even the most basic meals such as eggs to perfection. The immersion circulator also lets you heat your food without depriving it of taste, unlike the microwave.
  • Price Tag: The price of this gadget from Wancle is almost three times lower than other more expensive units. For the most part, connectivity features factor into the price. Yet, there are many other models that offer the same features as the Wancle SVC001 minus the connectivity, but are more expensive.
  • Warranty: This product comes with a welcome 2 year warranty instead of the one, as is the case with other similar products.


There are a few cons of Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker that the customers have noticed.

  • Connectivity: While most people are okay with the lack or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, there are some people who like to control things with their phone. If you are someone who likes using technology for everything, you might find this unit a bit less advanced that many other models in the market.
  • Temperature: There were some complaints about the temperature setting on this circulator. The temperature tends to fluctuate a little as the PID controller is not very accurate. This is not much of a problem with most foods but if you want to cook meat or eggs, this can affect the final results. You can get a thermapen for controlling this but that just increases the cost.
  • Securing the clamp: Perhaps the biggest concern for customers has been the clamp feature. Many feel that the clamp is too rigid to open wide enough and you may need to secure the unit on manually. In some instances, the unit didn’t reach the base of the container as the clamp wouldn’t let the unit move down any further.
  • No accessories included: This unit comes as a single item only. There are no accessories like sous vide bags included with this unit. Wancle does, however, offer another product in the form of sous vide balls, but these need to be purchased separately.
  • Online retail only: Wancle seems to be an online retailer with products sold through other online sellers.


You can get the Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker around the $90 mark. This is a very low cost unit as compared to other gadgets of this type. When you get it from Amazon, you also get an option for gift wrap. This is a great wedding gift for a new couple or for someone moving into a new house. Customers also buy containers with this immersion circulator. But you can skip this step if you already have containers at home.

Customer reviews

Most customer reviews give a thumbs up to this product. Users like its strong performance given its price point and consider it a better alternative to other more expensive machines.

Many using the Wancle are also pleased that this unit doesn’t use technology. They feel that this absence of technology makes it easier to use the device. They certainly don’t miss the complication or frustration that comes with using technological features.

The few downsides reported are the ‘bulky’ feel of this immersion circulator and the clamp that may not fit thicker containers. Some users also felt that the accompanying instructions weren’t very clear.

Final Verdict on the Wancle SVC001

The Wancle SVC001 Sous Vide Cooker is a helping hand for people who want the taste of chef-made food without getting into too many complications. Whether you cook for your family or are a culinary student enhancing your skills, this immersion circulator is something to make your task easier. With its silent motor, user-friendly design and innovative technology, it is a suitable kitchen appliance for the modern home.

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