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Sous Vide Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum sealers are a handy kitchen accessory for amateur cooks, professional chefs and home cooks who prepare their meals. And if you are into sous vide cooking, then a quality vacuum sealer becomes an absolute staple.

Now there are quite a few different types to choose from, each offering some specific features. Most can satisfy sous vide cooking needs well. But you can choose one that works well with your cooking schedule. Here is a quick look at some options you can explore:

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

This type of sealer is best suited for cooks who use the sous vide method frequently. These sealers are generally on the pricier end of things but also offer some really cool features. For instance, chamber sealers are best at sealing bags by completely removing the air inside. This is particularly effective for foods that contain liquid.

By placing the bag in the chamber, all the air gets removed and the mechanism does not agitate either the food or the liquid inside. So if you like to prepare most of your meals using sous vide practices, it may make sense to invest in a chamber sealer.

External Vacuum Sealer

This type works by sealing the edge of the bag and may be a more suitable fit for people just starting out on their sous vide cooking journey. Less pricey than their chamber sealer counterparts, external vacuum sealers won’t break the bank and are easier to store as they are also smaller in size.

Vacuum Sealer Hand Pump

This option is the most cost effective and features a manual hand pump. For sous vide cooking, these pumps come with an assortment of bags and a few other accessories as a starter kit. This can be your tool of choice if you are just getting started or simply experimenting with sous vide cooking. This option is for anyone looking for a vacuum sealer on a budget.

Here is a look at some of the best products in this category:

  1. Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer

The Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer has been made with an average person’s lifestyle in mind to make the process of sealing food bags faster and easier. The kit includes an automatic vacuum sealer, an air suction hose, a wine stopper cork, a vacuum bag roll and five medium sized vacuum bags.

This vacuum sealer features a sleek body with a grey top and LED indicators. With help of the digital buttons you can control all the functions and seal food bags within seconds. Additionally, the vacuum sealer also provides two different modes for sealing. The dry indication mode is for solid foods while the moist indication mode is for simmered and steamed food.

This means you can use the vacuum sealer for cooking as well as storing foods. If you like to meal prep in advance, this vacuum sealer will make the process of storing food easier without compromising on the taste.

The Nutrichef vacuum sealer has been lab-tested to make sure that its functionality and productivity are useful to everyone who enjoys cooking.

This unit is available starting at about $60.


  • Complete vacuum sealer kit including multiple accessories
  • Increases productivity in the kitchen
  • Prevents freezer burn
  • Two sealing modes
  • Lab tested quality


  • The process of cleaning the moisture might be difficult


  1. Geryon Vacuum Sealer

This Geryon Vacuum Sealer package contains a vacuum sealer, a vacuum roll and 5 vacuum bags. An interesting feature about this vacuum sealer is that it offers a size range of up to 12 inches wide sealer bags allowing you to use different sized bags for cooking, storing and carrying food.

This sealer is a hands free design making it easier to maneuver all the functions. The indicator lights will help you control the ‘seal’ and ‘stop’ functions easily. In addition to that, the stop function is also designed to create more sealing options for you so you have more control over the sealing process completely.

This design is also slim and sleek so you can place it on the countertops without taking up too much space. Similarly, if you are worried about storage in the refrigerator, sealing food bags will help you eliminate food boxes and containers freeing up space.

The Geryon vacuum sealer is a lightweight device that can be moved around easily. Overall, by providing all essential sous vide accessories this kit will help you recreate your favorite recipes without feeling lost or frustrated.

This comprehensive kit is available in a $35 and above price bracket.


  • Sealer plus multiple accessories
  • Compact size and lightweight design
  • Handles different bad lengths
  • Automatic operation
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and support



  • Particular food bags might be difficult to seal with this vacuum sealer


  1. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer FM24350ECR

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer is part of a sous vide starter kit which offers heat seal roll, 10 seal bags, a holder clip and a handheld sealer.

One of the interesting features about this heat sealer is the extra-wide sealing strips that offers airtight sealing for food bags. Plus, it has a vacuum chamber which is designed to reduce bag waste making it more eco-friendly. Additionally, the handheld heat sealer gives you control over sealing process and increases the capacity to seal different types and sizes of food bags that you want to use.

This user-friendly device will enhance your interface with this product whenever you want to store food or carry it along. Sealing bags with clips might not be the most plausible option since the food is vulnerable to water that is in the pot. However, heat sealing it with a vacuum sealer will give you consistent results when you are making sous vide dishes.

The handheld sealing is also coupled with an automatic option for when you want to seal food bags quickly. This saves time especially when you are on the go.

This unit sells at a price of about $120 and above.


  • Multiple accessories included
  • Handles different sizes of bags
  • Extra wide sealing strip
  • Prevents freezer burn, mold and spoilage
  • Locks in freshness


  • Vacuum suction takes some time when you are sealing food bags


  1. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer 4800 kit includes a vacuum seal roll and seven vacuum seal bags besides the sealing device. This is a special 2-in-1 design which provides the function of removing air and then sealing the bag. The FoodSaver 2-in-1 can make your food last for longer without causing changes in taste, texture or nutritional value of the food.

This is also an automatic vacuum sealer which automatically detects the bag. The vacuum suction also detects the type of food that you seal and controls the functionality for solid and moist foods.

The retractable handheld sealing option will help you seal different types and sizes of bags. You can also use this handheld heat sealer to seal jars, wine stoppers and other FoodSaver containers as well.

If you are tired of watching your food go to waste, you can use this handheld vacuum sealer to preserve it for longer time periods. It also provides an easy cleaning option as you can pull out the tray to remove moisture. This is a dishwasher-safe vacuum sealer that you can easily keep clean and maintain hygiene.

This is one of the pricier items in this category and is available in the $ 180 – $200 price bracket.


  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Automatic retractor detects bag and type of food
  • Seals jars and wine cork stoppers
  • Easy-to-wash design


  • The retractable accessories might be difficult to maneuver


  1. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer FM-2000 FFP

The FoodSaver FM-2000 FFP package comes with a vacuum roll, vacuum sealer, accessory hose, 2 gallon bags and 3 quart bags. This is a starter kit with a vacuum sealer made from the latest technology to provide optimum sealing service.

With help of latest technology, the vacuum sealer minimizes bag material by 40% compared to other FoodSaver sealing units. The vacuum sealer comes with an auto-vacuum button that works as suction for taking out air before the seal. Plus, the auto-detection option will stop once the air has been taken out on its own. This also means that you will automatically get airtight food bag for all types of foods.

The one thing that most users will benefit from is that they can seal food bags of different sizes using this vacuum sealer. An interesting feature is the seal button which seals roll for customized bags sizes. You can use the roll to create your own food bags adequate for the food that you want to store. This also reduces the waste of bag and storage space.

Last, but not the least, the easy-lock latch technology has been incorporated in the unit to make sure that seal is strong. This means that the seal will be strong on different types of bags too.

Given all its features, this is a unit worth investing in starting at about $65 and above.


  • Comprehensive starter kit
  • Creates different sized bags
  • Minimizes bags by 40% reducing bag size
  • The easy-lock latch technology is helpful in making strong seals


  • The air suction may not be very reliable
  1. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V4440

A vacuum seal roll, vacuum sealer and ten bags are part of the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer V4440 starter kit. This is a special vacuum sealer because it comes with a marinate mode which is perfect for sous vide cooks. You can marinate your food within minutes instead of leaving the ingredients to marinate for hours.

This is an additional feature along with the retractable vacuum sealing. The handheld sealer can be used for sealing different household items which include zipper bags, canisters and food containers among others.

This is a useful retractable handheld sealer since it also provides automatic bag-detection to automatically seal the bag. This feature saves time meanwhile increasing the productivity in the kitchen.

For sous vide cooks, the automatic marinating option and quick seal can reduce the pressure of cooking right. Amateur cooks will also be able to get the desired results from their recipes.

The FoodSaver vacuum sealer is a retractable sealer which can help you organize storage space by eliminating food containers in the refrigerator too. Moreover, it has automatic air-suction feature that will also make sure that the food bag is air tight.

It will detect the type of food in the bag so that the seal is in accordance with food. All of these features combined give you sealing solution that enhances your cooking experience as well as your daily lifestyle. You can seal bags for storage as well as for times when you need to carry food along to work, travel, picnic or other events.

This unit is available at a price starting around the $100 mark.


  • Heavy duty handheld retractable sealer for food bags, canisters, jars and more
  • Offers special marinating feature
  • Auto-detection will seal different type of foods after air suction


  • The tray for catching moisture is a bit tacky

All of the vacuum sealers listed here differ in functionality and performance. So you can opt for one that suits your needs best.

For sous vide cooks, amateur or professional, vacuum sealers can do wonders by making the process of steaming their protein to the perfect taste, texture and color. On the other hand, for storage options vacuum sealers can once again provide space to place all the food neatly in the refrigerator.

Vacuum sealers have generally proven to be quite useful in the kitchen as well as beneficial in the protection of leftover food items by increasing their life span by five times.

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