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Sous Vide Racks

Although not very new, but just attracting attention in the mainstream, sous vide cooking has recently become popular with many home cooks. The technique involves cooking foods in a vacuum sealed bag placed in a water bath to deliver restaurant quality results.

This method emphasizes accurate temperature control during the cooking process. Placing food in a vacuum sealed bag preserves flavor, texture and just the right amount of doneness. Where other cooking methods can deliver food that is overcooked on the outside but not cooked through on the inside, sous vide cooking prevents this altogether.

Instead what you get is moist, tender and juicy food cooked in its juices. Plus, given the exact temperature for an exact amount of time, you get results that are consistent and not possible with any other cooking method.

This cooking method uses a number of different accessories to help you get the desired results every time. One of these is the sous vide rack which can make the process so much easier for the home cook.

What is the purpose of the sous vide rack?

This cooking accessory works by allowing you to cook several batches of meat together at the same time. The caveat is that all types should require the same cooking temperature.

The design elements of a successful sous vide rack separates food pouches and increases the number of portions that the water bath can hold. The rack also helps keep the food pouches submerged.

To facilitate cooking further, the sous vide rack helps arrange pouches vertically and horizontally to allow proper circulation. This feature ensures that the food gets cooked properly.

This cooking accessory is most useful when cooking for larger gatherings. If you require food in larger amounts then the sous vide rack can be very useful. The convenience of cooking multiple meats at once makes preparing multiple meals so much easier.

Using a sous vide rack isn’t very difficult either. Simply place it in the cooking utensil submerged completely in water. The rack does the rest by maintaining a safe distance between the food items as it cooks.

The mechanism of distancing the different foods allows water to reach all parts of the food equally yielding equal heat and temperature distribution. The result is a perfectly cooked cut of meat retaining all its flavor and texture.

What to look for when selecting a sous vide rack?

Sous vide racks are available in different shapes and sizes but when choosing one, make sure you select one made of stainless steel. This will definitely lend it better heat tolerant features, even when working with higher temperatures.

The rack should also have adjustable features that can accommodate different foods at the same time. This means selecting a rack that provides room for diversity.

Another feature that you should look for is collapsibility so it can store easily without taking up a lot of space.


Other than allowing you to cook food in large batches, a sous vide rack holds other advantages as well. It allows cooking to be made simpler and easier. The rack can also be used for freezing and cooling purposes. The stainless steel allows you to cook food in different ways and even smoke meat.


When it comes to cleaning the rack, you have to be careful using cleaning products such as bleaching agents which can damage the stainless steel. Remember never to leave the rack for extended hours in water as that will expose it to rust.

Overall the product is offers functionality to anyone who wants to make their cooking life easier. The rack is easy to use, easy to store and can be used for multiple cooking purposes.

Here is a look at some of the top-selling sous vide racks:


  1. Sous Vide Rack by LIPAVI

The sous vide rack by Lipavi is a top seller in this category. The key features of the rack are that it comes with adjustable slots and the dimensions are 10.2 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches.

The design is collapsible which means that you can save on storage space by putting the rack away when not in use.

The rack comes with pouches that allow it to be lifted easily. It is made using high-quality stainless steel and allows for multiple functions to be carried out. With this rack, you can smoke, freeze and cool.

The rack also has a high capacity in a water bath and will warm the food evenly. With this rack, you can say no to food pouches floating. The rack allows the food to remain vertically ensuring that the food goes through a warming process.

Customers who have used the product have found it to be highly satisfying and stated that the rack helps keep their food bags separate and submerged. They have said that the product is adjustable, durable and has all the necessary functions that you would look for in a rack. It is a sturdy rack that can be customized if the need arises.  The rack is well constructed and versatile.

It is an economical choice for regular sous vide cooks starting at about $30 and above.


  • Safe to use
  • Allows you to freeze, smoke and cool food
  • High capacity in a water bath
  • Stability
  • Collapsible


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Size is small
  1. Sous Vide Rack by Sous Vide Ninja

Another top-rated rack in category is a product by Sous Vide Ninja. The dimensions of the rack are 7.25″ long X 6.25″ wide X 7″ tall making it suitable to work well with most sous vide cooking devices.

This rack is available in the market with an improved design and meets higher ends. The rack is made using stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode. The design features dividers that are adjustable and the gauge is rust resistant and heavier.

The benefit of the higher rack allows you to keep all the food bags in the most ideal position. The same also makes it easier to remove the rack from the water bath without creating a mess.

Made using the finest quality material, this rack will provide exceptional results and superb performance. The rack is compatible with leading sous vide cooking devices such as Anova, Polyscience Creative, Chefsteps Joule, Nomika, and Sansaire.

Other than this, the rack also has perfect stability. Unlike other racks that don’t stay in place, this sous vide rack has a heavy-duty wire and a thicker gauge which is perfect for providing stability. The sous vide bags will stay in place and won’t float here and there.

Its collapsible feature makes for easy and convenient storage when not in use. Plus, the company is very confident when it comes to their product and even offers a money back guarantee in case you don’t like the product.

Customers who have purchased the product describe it to be compact and well made. They have stated that it is a high-quality rack that meets all the requirements they would want to see.

You can get this sous vide rack at a price ranging between $30 and above.



  • Available with an improved design
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Made using stainless steel
  • Rust and corrosive resistant
  • Perfect stability
  • Collapsible
  • Money back guarantee


  • Expensive price tag


  1. Sous Vide rack by V Everie

This rack allows sous vide bags to be organized and adjusted perfectly. The product is made using stainless steel and separated by steel dividers. There a total of 7 removable dividers that can accommodate up to 6 sous vide cooking bags that may differ in width.

There are two stainless steel divider weights and five PA dividers included. Of these, the plastic racks are engineered of an FDA approved material that is also BPA free.

The rack itself has a sturdy construction and provides stability during the cooking process.

The rack has a universal size and can fit into containers of EVERIE EVC-12, Lipavi C10, Rubbermaid and Cambro. This product is available in 3 different colors.

Customers who have purchased the product have found it to be satisfactory and have stated that it works as advertised. They have also talked about how reasonably priced the product is and how well it has been designed.

This product is available for purchase at a very reasonable price ranging somewhere between $18- $25.


  • Reasonably priced
  • 2 new stainless steel racks provide extra weight
  • Keeps food  vertical and contained
  • Rigid structure
  • Adjustable dividers


  • Smaller size
  1. Sous vide rack divider by Everie

This rack will make your sous vide cooking easier by making room for multiple items to fit in. The food cooks evenly as the rack has a set heating temperature. Plus, it comes with 7 removable dividers and can hold up to 6 sous vide bags that may vary in width and can be filled with different food items.

This rack is made using plastic that is safe and heat resistant. Having said that, the dividers ensure stability and keep the pouches in place.  The rack has a universal size and can fit into containers of Rubbermaid, EVERIE EVC-12, Lipavi C10 and Cambro. This product is available in 3 different colors.

Customers who have reviewed the product have said that if you do not wish to spend a lot on the stainless racks then this is a perfect alternative. The product is light and since it is made using plastic, it won’t corrode easily.

Cleaning can be a major issue when it comes to racks but since this one is made using plastic it is easier to clean. There is no hard core maintenance required for this rack and all you have to do is rinse it after use. The racks can be adjusted easily to the different widths.

This product can be purchased at a reasonable price that ranges anywhere between $16- $20.


  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable racks
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Offers stability


  • Lightweight: can’t hold heavy items
  • Made from plastic
  • Thin separators
  1. Variera Pot Lid organizer by Ikea

Get this organizer and tidy up your drawers, cabinets and even your cooking habits as this will help you become more organized.  The length can be customized based on the storage needs allowing you to make size adjustments.

Although created for pot lid storage, this item is perfect for sous vide cooking as well. The rack is perfect for holding sous vide bags to the bottom and also separates the water so it can easily flow around the food easily.

The rack can be used either upright or upside down to make sure the bags are submerged. The material used to make this item, however, isn’t stainless steel so the product may be exposed to rusting and corroding.  The lid ware can be adjusted to make sure your needs are met.

Customers who have used the product consider assembly to be quick and easy. They have said that the item is strong and is suitable for holding heavier items.  Overall the product is sturdy, adjustable and affordable.

This item is priced between $20 and $25 which is a little costlier than other similar products. But if you are an Ikea fan, you may not mind paying the higher price.


  • Can be customized based on storage needs
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly
  • Reasonably priced


  • Requires assembling
  • Average design
  • Not a space saver
  • Height is not adjustable

These are some of the sous vide racks that can be purchased to make your cooking life easier. The item is handy when it comes to cooking multiple items altogether as it allows you to save on time.

If you have a large gathering or are inviting a lot of guests, use the sous vide rack and impress them with your expert cooking skills.  Items like sous vide rack can also make you more organized and allow you to carry cooking methods such as smoking, freezing, and cooling of meat.

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