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Sous Vide Clips and Balls

A literal translation of “sous vide” in French comes out as “under vacuum” in English. And if you’re not familiar with the term, it can seem somewhat ambiguous in terms of cooking. However, it is a cooking process that cooks food sealed in a bag. And as the name implies, a sealed vacuum bag is placed in a water bath while the water temperature is maintained to steam the food.

This technique involves precise temperature control to deliver exceptional results. When done correctly, sous vide cooking will give you food cooked to the exact level of doneness every time.

Sous Vide Accessories

Since this steaming method is somewhat unique in its own way, experts in this field recommend the use of some specific accessories for best results. For instance, when using a plastic bag to steam food, accessories like sous vide cooking clips and sous vide water balls can come in quite handy. These accessories comes in different sizes and types which are exclusively designed for sous vide cooking.

For amateurs, culinary artists, and food enthusiasts, sous vide accessories can enhance the experience significantly. By investing in the right equipment for cooking, you can perfect the art of making the best recipes. Plus, the right equipment will also help you master the art of sous vide cooking and all its associated benefits.

Sous Vide Clips and Sous Vide Balls

The two essentials that you need for sous vide cooking are clips and balls. Among these, the clips hold your food bag tethered to the utensil and close your pots tightly to prevent evaporation. Sous vide balls, on the other hand, will create layers of weight that prevent evaporation and minimize the need for refills. Some recipes might need both whereas others might only need either clips or balls.

There are many different sizes of sous vide utensils which makes it important to learn more about the sizes of clips that you want. On the other hand, the number of balls that you want depends on the size of your containers. Together, these two accessories can transform your sous vide cooking experience.

Using Sous Vide Clips and Balls

The purpose of using sous vide clips and balls is to make sure that you get perfectly cooked meals every time. Oftentimes, food starts floating in the water above the water level which keeps it from steaming properly and you don’t get the desired results. It can also leave food undercooked which is something you want to avoid as well.

Besides the food floating, you may also notice that water evaporates faster when you don’t use clips or balls. Or you may see condensation developing in the unit you use. In order to counter all of these problems for sous vide cooking, you can invest in cooking accessories that will eliminate these issues.

Here is a look at some of the most popular sous vide clips and balls that you can purchase:

  1. Smarty Sous Vide Cooking Clips

Smarty Sous Vide cooking clips are specially designed to offer more versatility and functionality. These cooking clips feature six hefty clamps that will efficiently keep the vacuum sealed and the food bags in place. For steaming or cooking food, these six clamps will effortlessly seal different types of pots to steam environment cooking.

Another feature worth mentioning is that these clips are heavy-duty and made from high-quality material. In terms of size, the Smarty Vide Cooking Clips are also 50% larger than average clamps. This feature adds to the benefit of better performance when holding together the lid and pot.

Evaporation during cooking will decrease significantly with help of these cooking clips in addition to preserving the stability of the food. When bound by the clips, the food ingredients won’t float to the top and will cook properly.

Since these cooking clips work well to fit different utensil sizes and food containers, they let you cook with a variety of different pots. The clips are easy to clean letting you maintain the hygiene of the clips as well as the food you cook.

Customers who have used these clips were satisfied with the results. Most reported impressively consistent temperature maintenance throughout the cooking duration. Others were happy about the heat retention capacity of the water balls.

This pack of six is also an economical choice as you can get it for a price range of around $10 or slightly above.


  • Pack of six heavy-duty cooking clips
  • Prevents food from floating
  • Less evaporation ensures proper storage
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Less evaporation ensures proper steaming



  • Water balls are small in size than other similar products


  1. Sous Vide Boss Cooking Clips

The Sous Vide Boss Cooking Clips is pack of eight clips for closing food containers and utensils. Each clip is about two inches in size and suitable to work with containers of different sizes.

This pack of sous vide clips feature rubber clamps that provide sturdy grip to food bags inside the pots. However, these clips have been designed for smaller meal sizes and work best when handling smaller food portions. If you are using a pot to cook sous vide food, you can use them for clamping the food bag to bottom of the pot.

One of the best features of these cooking clips is that they are made from plastic and will not rust overtime. Plus, they have the capacity to work under high heat levels without losing integrity.

Despite their small size, these clips yield a tight grip. As your cooking comes to an end, you will be able to see that water level stays put providing a water bath that improves the cooking of sous vide food.

Customers are happy that the product is plastic and therefore doesn’t rust. The ability of the clips to handle high levels of heat is also appreciated by customers. Others liked the sturdy and quality grip the clips offer when pinching the edge of the cooking bags in place. The only concern is the small size of the clips, making them unsuitable for larger meals.

Once again, this product is an economical choice. You can get these clips in a pack of eight within a price range of $9 or slightly above.


  • Rubber grips for sturdy hold
  • Plastic construction prevents rusting
  • Capacity to endure heat well


  • Clips are small in size making them unsuitable for larger food portions
  • No water balls included


  1. Gramercy Kitchen Co. Cooking Clips

The Gramercy Kitchen Co. Cooking Clips feature four cooking clips, 250 balls and a mesh bag for storing them. This is a complete sous vide cooking set that will allow you to attach food pouches to a cooking vessel while also keeping food at the bottom of the cooking container.

The balls provide efficient weight to prevent the food from floating. Using sous vide balls also lets excess steam escape around the balls. The same mechanism also eliminates the need to have a hole cut in the lid or even buy a lid to minimize condensation. Plus, the density of the balls works as an insulator to increase energy efficiency and reduce heat loss.

The mesh bag will help you drain water from the balls after the cooking is complete while holding them together.

This package also comes with a recipe book for all amateur cooks and food lovers who want to learn more about sous vide. From water balls to the clips, everything will help you achieve the culinary perfection that you seek from your cooking skills.

This pack of sous vide accessories may seem a little pricier than others ranging around $14 and above. However, you have to keep in mind that it features both clips and balls, eliminating the need to purchase accessories separately.

Customer reviews indicate that most buyers were happy with the product. Both novice and seasoned sous vide cooks consider this purchase worth investing in as it offers all the right benefits when cooking.


  • Complete package with clips and weight balls
  • Weight balls easily fit different containers
  • Eliminates the need for water refills



  • Clips not as sturdy as other similar products


  1. Green Apron Cooking Clips

This package of Green Apron Sous Vide cooking accessories features four sous vide clips, 250 water balls and a mesh bag. It is a complete starter kit for sous vide enthusiasts of all skill levels.

One of the unique things about the water balls included in this set is that they are made from food grade material and they are 100% BPA free. This makes the weight balls safe during the cooking process. They are also made from polyethylene which is safer in comparison to plastic balls.

Since sous vide cooking takes way longer than traditional cooking methods, it becomes important to maintain the correct water level during the process. With the help of the balls, you can easily trust the process without having to re-fill. These balls will ensure that water evaporation is controlled and there is minimum exposure of water to air.

The mesh bag will help you dry the balls after the cooking is complete while keeping them securely in one place.

Customers using this product have expressed their satisfaction that it works as advertised. The quality and density of the balls is effective and the clips deliver results as promised.

This pack is available starting at around $16 and above.


  • Complete accessory package with 250 balls, mesh bag and four food clips
  • Water balls made from FDA approved material
  • Retains heat well and minimizes evaporation


  • Although the clips are average size, they are not the sturdiest
  • Not every set may come up to the 250 ball count
  1. Wancle Sous Vide Cooking Balls

The Wancle Sous Vide package contains 250 water balls made from FDA approved material and are 100% free from BPA. This feature makes them safe to use eliminating the possibility of food contamination via toxins.

With help of these weight balls, you can minimize the evaporation level as well so there will be no need for re-fills during the process of steaming. Plus, you can also conserve energy with the non-stop cooking. With minimal heat loss, your meals will get perfectly cooked in the planned time.

Another great thing about these balls is that you can use different sous vide containers for cooking as they will fit all sizes. You can add one or more layers depending on the size of container to ensure that your food gets cooked evenly with minimal evaporation.

On the other hand, the mesh bag with drawstring will keep your water balls from getting lost and secure them safely. The balls will also dry on their own in the mesh bag.

The product comes with a company guarantee offering a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return the product in its original packaging.

This product is available in a price range of about $14 and above.


  • Package includes 250 water balls and one mesh bag
  • Water balls are made from FDA approved material
  • Convenient drying and storage with mesh bag
  • Compatible with most sous vide cooking devices


  • No clips included

It is important to remember that you can get the best results out of sous vide cooking when you use the right accessories. These accessories are essential for people who wish to cook “under vacuum” at any level. Whether you are cooking chicken, ribs, pork or other protein rich foods, you can make sure that they are fully cooked if you use the right accessories.

You will notice a significant change in the texture of food and how evenly it cooks when you use water balls to hold the food components under the water level. The clips in the package will do the trick of helping you tie the food bag to the utensil while the food cooks.

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