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Sansaire Sous Vide Review

Featuring a sleek appearance and a host of cool features, the Sansaire immersion circulator is a godsend for sous vide cooks. This device showcases an innovative design that delivers results with its easy-to-use and precise temperature circulation mechanism.

Sansaire already has a well reputed name in the sous vide market and is a brand trusted by experts in the field. This Sansaire immersion circulator has been crafted to suit the needs of both entry level and experienced sous vide cooks alike.

She’s a beauty! Sansaire Sous Vide in action


The Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator features profession-grade performance and lets you cook food like any expert chef. It is one the more easier-to-use devices out there that gives outstanding results. It bodes well in both areas of performance and heating creating highly flavorful dishes.

To use this gadget, you have to clip it to any pot or container. And even though the metal clip for securing the device isn’t very strong, it still does the job well.

Fill the container with water up to the mark on the gadget. Start the gadget and wait for the water to get warm. Put the food in any food-grade zip lock bag and let it cook for the time given on your recipe.

You cannot set the timer on this device as it doesn’t support this feature. So you have to check up on the food yourself after the time is up. Otherwise, the controls are very easy to use and intuitive so you will probably not get stuck there.

There is an LED screen on the immersion circulator that keeps you informed about the temperature at which your food is being cooked. You can set the temperature to the nearest 0.1 degrees.

This is the real essence of precise cooking. Your food needs to be cooked at the exact temperature that is suitable for it. The LCD is quite bright so that you can easily read the numbers even in bright sunlight.

There is a thermometer with the circulator that keeps the temperature in check and ensures that it doesn’t fluctuate every now and then. Also, the microprocessor system keeps the temperature at its constant positon so that your food is cooked at a uniform temperature.

This also prevents your food from overcooking from the outside, like it often does in traditional methods. In addition, cooking at a lower temperature for a longer time cooks the food completely from the inside.

In terms of heating capacity, this Sansaire device heats up to 2.5 gallons of water to 130 degrees in a matter of 20 minutes. The same amount of water when heated at 150 degrees reaches optimal temperature in just 35 minutes making it one of the fastest heating machines around.


A nice sized machine

This Sansaire machine is large compared to many of its contemporaries. It stands tall at almost 14.5 inches with a cylindrical design that measures 4 inches wide. The shape and design are easy enough to store on countertop when not in use, but the height may not fit in all cabinets or drawers.

The wide base may also present some issues when used with a smaller container as it will take up a substantial amount of the base area of the container.

The unit weighs about 3.2 pounds and is heavier than most other immersion circulators.

Salient Features of Sansaire Immersion Circulator

This Sansaire product offers you massive control over different dishes such as steaks, salmon and vegetables. It lets you make tender steaks and salmon fillets filled with flavor. The chicken will also be moist and the vegetables cooked to the core.

The only care instruction for this immersion circulator is to not keep it in the dish washer. To clean it, use a damp cloth and wipe gently. Follow the minimum and maximum mark on the gadget when filling the pot with water.

This immersion circulator is compatible with any container that has a capacity of 6 gallons. With dimensions of 15½” x 5″ and a weight of 5.9lb, this immersion circulator is suitable for everyday cooking. It is also easily portable and you can take it with your on trips.

It has a 1000 Watt power motor. Don’t be fooled by the small size because this gadget has a lot of power backing it up. It comes with a three-prong power cord which is commercial grade, so it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.

The 1000 Watt motor keeps the water circulating so that the heat is well-spread in the whole container and the food is cooked uniformly. Heat is spread evenly without the need of convection currents so there won’t be any extra hot spots or cold spots in the container. Another notable feature is that the motor is whisper quite so you do not have to worry about the noise that most kitchen appliances make.

With the power heating mechanism, water is heated quickly and effectively. So there are no long waiting times involved.

The immersion circulator works well with any freezer bag that is food-grade. So you don’t need to buy any expensive vacuum sealing bags. For best results, use zipper bags that are heavy duty.


The immersion circulator is suitable for use in the kitchen on daily basis.

  • Uniformity: It spreads heat uniformly so that your food gets cooked evenly. That makes the food items tender, soft and delicious.
  • LED: The LED on the circulator is very easy to read and can be spotted in daylight or at night. You’d be able to read the digits even from across the room.
  • Precise Setting: The immersion circulator has precise setting option so you can set the temperature precisely. Even a 0.1 degrees difference of temperature can be set to ensure that the food is cooked properly.
  • Compatibility: This immersion circulator is compatible with all kinds of food grade bags. Instead of spending your money on expensive or bulky freezer bags, you can use normal bags.
  • Simple: This gadget is suitable for people who like to keep their cooking simple. With no supporting app, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this gadget is suitable for people who like to keep technology to a minimum.
  • Price: With regards to sous vide cooking devices, this unit is on the lower side of the price spectrum. Although it is a basic unit without any connectivity features, it’s still considered an expenditure worth investing in.


Even though the Sansaire product is a revolutionary addition to your kitchen space, it does have a few cons.

  • Timer: There are many other sous vide products in the market that let you set the timer for cooking food. However, this immersion circulator doesn’t have an option for setting a timer so you have to keep checking on the food and turn the gadget off yourself.
  • Alarm: The Sansaire immersion circulator also doesn’t have an alarm or notification to let you know when the cooking is done. Normally, other sous vide gadgets have a notification sound that tell you when the water is heated for cooking and when the timer is up. This one does not have any of these features.
  • Size: This Sansaire model is fairly large compared to other similar products. While the height isn’t so much of an issue, the width of the base certainly is. The base of the immersion circulator measures a rather wide 4 inches and takes up a large surface area of the pot’s bottom. This can impact how much you can actually cook in a container.
  • Connectivity: This Sansaire gadget does not have any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. So if you’re someone who wants to have these features in your cooking device, you should go for another option. On their website, the company has announced a future model with these features so you can wait for that too.
  • Guarantee: The company only offers a money back guarantee of 90 days as opposed to many other companies that offer a money back guarantee of a year. Some customers on Amazon complained that the gadget stopped working after 10 or 12 uses and is now sitting in their kitchen useless.


The product is available on Amazon and retails for around the $200 mark. If you buy it from Amazon, you qualify for free shipping. The company also has their own website and you can check that out too. Most people buy it with a 5 gallon container and a cooking recipe book. If you do not have a heat resistant container at home, you can also purchase the container. The recipe book can be bought from Amazon or you can just search for recipes online.

Final Verdict

Sansaire is a big name in the small appliances business and they never fail to impress. In the case of Sansaire Immersion Circulator, the reviews are mixed. While some users like it for its easy and simple makeup, others find the lack of any connectivity, timer and notifications inconvenient. The final choice depends on the kind of preferences you have.

3.8 Average is decent, but unspectacular

This immersion circulator lets you incorporate sous vide cooking in your daily life. This gadget aims at changing the way you cook and making everything that comes out of your kitchen better and tastier. Overall, the circulator makes cooking much easier and imparts restaurant-quality flavor to your food.

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