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PolyScience Sous Vide Review

The PolyScience Sous Vide Creative Series offers high performance and functionality to the home cook. It is a powerful immersion circulator designed with durability in mind that allows you to replicate professionally created dishes at home.

You can use this device to prepare food in a precise and controlled circulating bath that delivers consistent results every time. The manufacturers claim that their product is best for your kitchen given its affordability, innovative design and convenience.

3 Polyscience Sous Vide’s in action!


The Creative Series from PolyScience gives you best results at an affordable price. The immersion circulator is more cost effective than many other models in the market but gives the same results as higher end models.

  • Design

This model has a sleek, clean and simple design. The device features an outer casting of durable plastic and a screw clamp that attaches it to the container. The clamp is large and sturdy securing the device well to any container.

The base of the unit has slots that let the water into the device. The water then gets heated and circulated in the water bath.

The front of the device has markings for the minimum and maximum levels of water volume. You need to be careful not to let the water level go beyond the maximum mark once the food has been added. On the other hand, if there isn’t enough water in the bath, the machine won’t work and may display an error on the LCD screen.

  • Heating Capacity

This model features an 1100W heater that is suitable for heating fair sized water baths. It can work with a maximum bath volume of 20 liters or 5.3 gallons. The maximum pump output for 6 liters of water is 1.6 gallons per minute and the water will heat up to a maximum of 210F.

  • Control Panel

The unit has an easy to use control panel. Featuring a minimalist design, there are 5 buttons and an LCD screen. The screen displays the actual water temperature, the temperature and timer settings, and shows if the heater or the water pump is on.

As compared to traditional cooking methods, where heat distribution isn’t always even, cooking with the PolyScience immersion circulation becomes a cinch.

This cooking device also gives a perfect texture to your food. Your meat recipes will look just as perfect as they taste because the heat penetrates into the deeper layers too.

The temperature stays consistent throughout so there is no need to worry about your food burning. It also eliminates the concerns about food being undercooked, burnt or overcooked.

Along with maintaining precise temperature, the device also preserves optimal flavor and texture.

Polyscience getting the job done with ribs

Using the PolyScience Sous Vide Circulator

This device is ideal for anyone cooking at home or even culinary students who want to polish their skills. It is very easy to store and can be put away in kitchen cabinets or drawers. To use it, follow these easy steps:

  1. Clamp your PolyScience sous vide immersion circulator to the side of any container. It works with containers that have a capacity of 20 litres or 5 gallons. The clamp design is rugged so it goes well with different kinds of containers.
  2. Then, fill the container or pot with water up to the mark that is given on the gadget. Do not overfill your container and do not add water under the minimum limit.
  3. Let the water heat so that it prepares for cooking. Once, it becomes sufficiently hot, you can start cooking.
  4. Finally, put you food in a zip lock bag and immerse it nicely in the water bath.


The PolyScience sous vide immersion circulator is a trusted kitchen appliance that has many pros.

  • Easy Cooking: The immersion circulator allows easy cooking. You no longer have to stand in the kitchen for hours monitoring your food. With this gadget, you know that your food is in good hands and it cooking in the right conditions.
  • Low Cost: This model is very good value for money. Normally, gadgets of this sort cost a lot of money. PolyScience has made professional cooking easier without taxing your wallet too much.
  • Timer: The PolyScience sous vide circulator comes with a timer. Along with setting the temperature for food, you can also set the timer for cooking. When the timer is finished, the heating with stop automatically so that your food does not overcook or burn.
  • Temperature Setting: The temperature can easily be set using the easy-to-use interface on the gadget. You can set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. It can be annoying how you have to convert the temperature between the two standards. However, this gadget makes things much convenient by offering both the options.
  • Auto Restart: The gadget also comes with an auto start option so that you do not have to set the time and temperature again. Even if the power source goes off or you stop the immersion circulator to add something, it will restart again.
  • LCD Display: The LCD display is back lit, making it easier for you to see the conditions you have set. You will be able to see the time left from across the room and the temperature at which your food is cooking is also constantly shown on the display.
  • Cooking capacity: The circulator lets you cook easily for about 12 guests. So it is suitable for a small or medium family. You can even cook for a larger batch by cooking in more rounds.
  • Simple: Some people just want to make the job easier without adding extra complications. Normally, gadgets and home appliances have too much technology for average people to handle. The lack of any connectivity option makes the circulator easy to use for people with limited technology knowledge.
  • Portable: The circulator only weighs 2.9 kg so it is very easy to carry around. You can carry it along on your travels; just make sure to have a suitable cooking pot with you as well.
  • Reference guide: The device comes with a laminated reference guide that provides exact cooking times and temperatures. This makes cooking much easier for you and takes the guesswork out of programming the machine correctly.


The company has tried to make the immersion circulator perfect in every way but there are still some cons.

  • Connectivity: There is no option for connectivity as the immersion circulator does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This is a simpler model that caters to the needs of simpler people.
  • Temperature: The maximum temperature you can cook for on this circulator is 99 degrees. Some culinary students might find this insufficient.
  • Size: The size is somewhat bulky with the unit weighing at 5.5 lbs.

Not the prettiest Sous Vide around


The cost for this PolyScience sous vide immersion circulator is around the $250 mark. It is a fairly reasonable cost as compared to other circulators of the same sort available in the market.

Customers have appreciated the price tag on this circulator, calling it a good investment. You can also buy used models from Amazon starting from around $160 or slightly above. With these, you can enjoy free shipping. Most customers buy the immersion circulator with a compatible container and lid.

Customer Reviews

Customer consider this purchase a good investment as you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this useful device. The device delivers well on its promise of effective circulation and keeping the water temperature just right.

On the flip side, there have been some complaints about the device working well initially but then breaking down after a month or two. Some others complained that the LCD showed erroneous readings and they were unable to fix it. So you may encounter some bugs when you use this circulator.

Other PolyScience Series

PolyScience also offers other series of immersion circulators with more advanced features. This one from the Creative Series is a unit that is a lower cost option targeted to home cooks.

  • The brand also has a Chef Series that comes with a higher cost and is commercial grade quality. This series caters to chefs and pro cooks.
  • The Classic Series is the most expensive and is for commercial cooking purposes only.
  • PolyScience also has polycarbonate tanks with custom cut lids for their immersion circulators. While you could go with other brands, getting a PolyScinece container with their immersion circulators will ensure that the device fits in perfectly. This will enhance your sous vide experience by minimizing evaporation and making the whole process more energy efficient.

Final Verdict

The PolyScience sous vide immersion circulator is a good choice for people who want to enhance the taste while staying within a budget. This circulator keeps your food well-cooked as it dissipates the heat evenly and cooks food from the inside. Without losing any moisture, your food stays tender, soft and juicy. Cook like any professional with minimal effort and enjoy the praise from your family and guests.

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