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Nutrichef Sous Vide Review

If you’re tired of your beef or chicken recipes losing their moisture or your vegetables losing their precious nutrients, then you are in luck. There’s now a new cooking technique called sous vide that preserves all this and much more.

Among other brands, the Nutrichef Sous Vide is finally here to solve these problems. The manufacturers claim that they have released the most reliable and user friendly sous vide cooking immersion circulator in the market. According to them, their circulator will keep all your recipes in their best condition, giving you the taste that you will not forget.


The Nutrichef sous vide immersion circulator helps you cook restaurant quality food at home without any hassle or extra cost. You can use the same ingredients that you have always used in your conventional methods and get amazing results. The device has a very sleek and modern look and comes at a very attractive price point for such a gadget.

There is a built in thermostat and the programmable settings are very easy to control. This ensures that you food will never get overcooked, burnt or undercooked. Cook all your recipes to their maximum taste with the help of this device.


The manufacturers have placed a lot of attention on design, keeping the circulator as ergonomic as possible. So if you’re tired of bulky circulators, then this one is the right one for you. It is very easy to carry around and can be stored conveniently in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

Working with a very basic LED display, this unit is easy to operate without much hassle. The model comes with a lever style clamp that lets you attach it to almost any container of your choice.

The unit itself weighs 2.6 lbs and measures 5.3 X 3.5 X 14.4 inches.


This circulator features an impressive 1200 watts of power and decent circulation which can heat up your medium sized water bath fairly quickly.

The Nutrichef Sous Vide circulates your food 360 degrees so that it is warmed and cooked from all sides. The circulation ensures that water temperature is maintained during the cooking process and that there are no uneven spots in the water. This means the absence of any hot or cold patches in the water bath.

As such, the Nutrichef Sous Vide gives you the liberty of running errands or using your time elsewhere while your food cooks on its own. There is no need to monitor the food constantly as you might have to with conventional cooking methods.

This device has a high power heating system which means that the water bath gets heated in no time. This function conserves both energy and time. The button controls are very simple to use and your settings will be displayed on the LED display so that you can monitor the food at all times.

Color choice

While this particular feature might not be exciting for everyone, people who have their kitchens color-coordinated like to buy matching appliances. The Nutrichef Sous Vide comes in four different colors. You can choose from White, Black, Silver and Gold, all featuring a sleek finish.


While the immersion circulator helps you make some complicated dishes, the controls are not complicated at all. They are simple and easy-to-use so that everyone, even people with minimal knowledge of technology, can use this device.

There is a single power button that you use to switch the device on and off. Also, when you press the set button with the power button, you can switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit settings. Just choose the one that works in your country or the one that your recipes follow.

You do not have to press the up or down buttons multiple times to get to your desired temperature as there is a wheel which quickly lets you set the temperature and time. Just press the set button once you will have programed the circulator according to the recipe.

Using the Nutrichef Sous Vide

The whole process of using the Nutrichef Sous Vide is very easy. Just prepare your food using any recipe and place the prepared food in a ziploc bag. Then submerge this bag into the water bath. Make sure you have supplied the power and turned on the immersion circulator beforehand.

Program the settings and the water bath will heat in a matter of seconds due to its high powered heating system element. Let the food immerse in the water bath for the time given on the recipe. When done, take out the food and sear or broil it. This will add more texture to your food making it taste even better.

Pros of Nutrichef Sous Vide

Range: The temperature and time range on this circulator makes it suitable for all kinds of recipes. Some recipes call for longer hours of cooking such as certain cuts of beef or lamb recipes. This device is suitable for all such foods as it can be set up to 100 hours of cooking at a high temperature range.

Clamping: The Nutrichef Sous Vide immersion circulator is very easy to attach and detach. You can take any heat-resistant container available and attach it to this device. It has an easy clip-on method which makes it compatible for all deep pots and pans.

Built-in Thermostat: The Nutrichef Sous Vide comes with a built in thermostat which means that there is a wide range of temperatures that can be controlled by the device. There is no worry about the food being overcooked when this immersion circulator is in action.

Circulation: There is a 360 degrees circulation mechanism ensuring that the heat from the water bath reaches all sides of the food and it gets cooked well. Also, the moisture is retained in this way and the food is not stripped of its nutrients. You no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen because Nutrichef Sous Vide is there to do your work.

Power: Given its basic features, the Nutrichef excels in the power department. Many other basic model offer pretty much what the Nutrichef does, but none give 1200 watts of heating power. Most only yield between 800 and 900 watts.

Cons of Nutrichef Sous Vide

Along with some distinctive pros, this immersion circulator has some cons.

Recipe Book: The latest models of immersion circulators often come with a recipe book or an app that has recipes for sous vide cooking on them. This immersion circulator does not have this feature so you will have to invest in a recipe book or you will have to look for recipes online.

Connectivity: Some people will also find it a limiting factor that they cannot connect their phone to the device. Connectivity makes it easier for the user to control the device even when they are not at home or in the close vicinity of the kitchen. The manufacturers of Nutrichef Sous Vide decided to keep it simple for use which is why this feature was not introduced.

Noisy: While it does have more power wattage, the jets on this model are also louder than many other models. This may not be a problem if you’re cooking something for a shorter while but for longer periods such as a roast, the constant background noise may become bothersome.

Who should buy it?

If you’re new to sous vide cooking and looking for an immersion circulator on a budget, then the Nutrichef Sous Vide will meet your needs adequately. It is your basic circulator with all the standard features that make it a good buy.

What are customers saying?

For the most part, customers are happy with this purchase and call it as advertised. They like its affordable price and reliable results. The simplicity of use of this device is also appreciated.

However, some did feel that the minimum water level on this unit was a little high. So if you use a wide container, you will need to use a lot of water to reach the minimum water line. You may not have this issue if you use a smaller pot, but it also means making smaller meals.


The cost for the Nutrichef Sous Vide is quite reasonable at $74.99. The immersion circulator is available online on Amazon. When you get it from Amazon, you also qualify for free shipping. Since the circulator does not come with its own container, you will have to invest in a new one if you do not have a heat-resistant one at home.

You can also buy this from Amazon and the total price would be around $95 if you buy both things together. It’s still under the $100 mark and very good for all that it offers.


When searching for the best immersion circulator, you have to look at all the features and price range. In this respect, the Nutrichef Sous Vide proves to be quite satisfactory. Coming in different colors, with a high temp range and ease of sous vide cooking, this immersion circulator can be a helpful and beneficial addition to your range of kitchen appliances.

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