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Hamilton Beach Sous Vide Review

With the Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker, the process of lengthy slow cooking is made simple and possible. This cooker is a tool made for people who want to excel at the art of sous vide cooking and want to enjoy scrumptious meals every day. Allowing you to use the same method for cooking that chefs employ, this cooker gives you access to fool proof cooking on a daily basis.


The company behind Hamilton Beach Sous Vide is not unknown when it comes to sous vide cookers or immersion circulators. Their products have been received warmly in the past. Even with this Hamilton Beach Sous Vide and 6QT Slow Cooker, the company gives a 5 year guarantee. This makes their claims about the product even more convincing.

The cooker comes with a two-in-one facility for its users. Along with being a water bath for sous vide, it also acts as a slow cooker. This means you can perform two very efficient cooking methods using one single device.

The cooker has made cooking easy and simply for everyone. You could be a guest-pleaser, gathering compliments from your guests over your cooking. Or you could be a meat-lover, wanting all your recipes to be tender and soft. In either case, the cooker won’t disappoint.


This Hamilton Beach cooker is not only suitable for meat recipes but works equally well for vegetable and egg recipes. You can make egg bites or your daily breakfast eggs using this cooker. At the same time, you can start up the cooker for your evening steak. There is no problem of cleanup afterwards. The non-stick vessel makes cleaning so much easier and you won’t find yourself fighting with sticky patches.

Worry-free cooking

Want to cook food without monitoring it for the whole duration? No problem at all. With the Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker, you can easily do that as the device lets you set the temperature and cooking time. The microprocessor settings keep the water bath at the right temperature, without any fluctuations, cooking your food at a uniform pace and heat settings. Since the temperature is very precise and highly controlled, there is no worry of food staying undercooked or being overcooked.


This is an easy to operate device. All you have to do is to press a button and the device switches from a sous vide setting to a slow cooker. Both options also have programmable temperature and time settings.

So whichever one you choose, you can enjoy convenient cooking. Go off to work without any worry about your food getting burnt. Once you get back, your food will be cooked to the right consistency, texture and taste.

Slow cooking at your desired temperature ensures that the flavor is locked in. The Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker lets the moisture retain in the final outcome and with that, the flavors also persists. Whether it is grilled food or a simple carrot recipe, everything can be perfected with this sous vide cooker.

Using the Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker

The first step in the use of this cooker is Set Up. For this you have to season the food as per your recipe and place it in a ziplock bag. Make sure that the bag is heat-resistant as it will be in a hot water bath for extended period of time. For safety, it is important that you use BPA-free bags.

Fill the Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker with water and set the time and temperature. Press the Start button and wait for the water to reach your desired temperature. Once the water reaches the required temperature, you can add the bag into the water bath. Make sure you submerge the bag completely. Follow by putting the lid on the cooker and busy yourself with other work. You just let the cooker do the cooking.

Once done, take the food out of the water bath and enjoy. Some foods such as meat may need searing afterwards, but this is totally optional and depends on your taste.


The Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker has some distinguishing features that are worth mentioning. For starters, it offers two facilities in just one appliance. While it serves as a slow cooker, it also doubles up as a sous vide cooker. This means you get two products in the price of one.

This product comes with a 5 year guarantee which is quite a decent period of time. If you have any issues with the cooker in this timeframe, the company will be happy to help you. With a 6 quart capacity, the cooker is suitable for a medium sized family. You can use it for daily meals and even to satisfy a party of guests.

The temperature programming allows up to 72 hours of cooking. This is more than the maximum cooking time needed for most recipes so you can use this cooker for almost all sous vide recipes. As for time, you can cook up to 8 hours on the high and 16 hours on the low settings. This is also quite suitable for most recipes.

Being a non-stick vessel, this cooker offers great convenience to users. You no longer have to worry about the nuisance of wiping off fatty parts of meat or sticky food components from the vessel. This problem is solved with the non-stick variety.

The Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker also comes with a recipe book. This means you have access to different vegetable and meat recipes that you can try on a daily basis. These recipes have the exact timing and temperature for cooking making your task much easier.

Pros of Hamilton Beach Sous Vide

Purchase of this fantastic kitchen appliance comes with the following perks:

Blog: The company that makes the Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker also has a blog which is an additional resource for users to enjoy. The blog called Every Day Good Thinking is something that users will find helpful.

Cook Book: The Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker also comes with a free cookbook. Oftentimes, when you invest in a sous vide cooker, you end up looking for recipe books or online sources since you need an exact time and temperature for each recipe. The recipes in this cook book are all sous vide so you will find it really easy to adapt to this new method of cooking.

Support: The company offers 24/7 support in case of any queries. You can get in touch with the company from their website and get your issues resolved in no time.

Simple: The interface of this cooker is very simple, making the cooking process easier. The buttons are displayed on the front and with just one click you can switch between the two options. There are two simple Up and Down buttons for increasing or decreasing the temp and time.

Convenient Cooking: The Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker makes cooking quite convenient as you no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen hovering over your food. The food will cook at a precise temperature for the set amount of time, without any risk of burning or undercooking. And since sous vide is quite forgiving, if you leave the food in for a little longer, there won’t be any harm done.

Shipping: The shipping for the Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker is free. This is always an added perk for people who don’t want to pay shipping charges after paying over a hundred bucks for a kitchen appliance.


Despite all the perks, the Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker also has some drawbacks.

Online Purchase: The cooker can only be bought online. Some people find this unsettling because they want to see and physically test an appliance before they decide to buy it.

Alarm: There are many models in the market that come with an alarm system to notify you that the food has cooked. However, this one does not come with such a feature.


The cost for this product is $129.99. This is cheaper than many other models in the market. Another exciting feature of this cooker is that it ships for free so you save money there too. It is in stock on the manufacturer’s websites you can order it from there. Their secure website offers ID protection and you can also read up the Use and Care section to learn about any precautions that you may need to take.


The Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker is a handy kitchen appliance for people who want to up their cooking game. Sous vide is no longer limited to restaurant kitchens but has entered the arena of domestic cooking that calls for efficient appliances.

The Hamilton Beach sous vide cooker, with its programmable settings, non-stick vessel and 6 quart capacity is one of these appliances. Along with that, it has a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.  You can trust it for cooking delicious food that your family and guests will savor.

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