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Gourmia Sous Vide Review

The Gourmia GSV130 immersion circulator is an affordable and handy device for entry level sous vide cooks. It works really well as a base point device for anyone investing in their first device or others who want to keep their cooking to the basics.

The company specializes in manufacturing kitchen appliances and other products that offer performance, value and innovation all rolled in one.

When compared to the competition, this is a simple, relatively tech free appliance that is also on the more cost effective side of things, as far as sous vide cooking goes. You get all the basics of sous vide cooking without too many extra features.

Features of the Gourmia GSV130

Gourmia featured second from left. Picture from foodfornet

The Gourmia 130 doesn’t offer a lot of features as it is meant to be a more affordable model. However, since it covers all the basics, this is definitely not a deal breaker.

  • Clip

The device comes with a clamp style clip that you attach to the side of your container. Many users find this to be a better option than the screw down system as used on other models. The clamp makes it easier and faster to secure the device and works equally well on thin and thick walled containers.

  • Heater

This Gourima model may be basic but features a powerful 1200W heater. For precision cooking this heater can maintain temperatures with 0.1 degree F. This is a really outstanding feature given the price of this unit. It will let you maintain more control and accuracy over your recipes even when you cook in a lidless or poorly insulated container.

  • Circulator

The circulator on this machine is very quiet. On the flip side, it is also weaker than other similar models. Gourmia’s capacity is to circulate up to 1.5 gallons of water per minute as compared to some others that can handle up to 3 gallons of water per minute.

This makes this machine better suited to deal with smaller water baths, nothing more than 3.5 gallons of water. If you place it in a larger water bath, it may not be able to maintain consistent water temperatures.

The device is designed to work best with a minimum water depth of 3 inches and a maximum depth of 6 inches.

  • Control Panel

The control panel on this thing is very easy and simple to use. The power button is activated with one touch and you just have to press it once to turn the device on or off. When you press the set button and power button together, you will get an option to set the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

There is no longer any need to make conversion between these two temperature standards when you get new recipes. This immersion circulator is compatible with both type of temperatures.

Adjusting the time and temperature is very easy. If you are going to be cooking under the same condition for a while, just press the set buttons and the conditions will become constant.

The LCD screen lets you see the conditions on which your food cooks. It displays both the temperature of food at that time and the duration which is left for the cooking to finish.

  • Timer

Once the food is cooked, the alarm will start and you will know that your food is now ready to be served. There is no longer any need to circulate the food yourself. You can simply set the timer and the temperature.

After that, you can go about with tour daily chores while your food cooks. You don’t even have to worry about flavor saturation. The 360 degrees revolution of water in the container keeps the flavor equally spread in the food. It also ensures that the food is cooked from the inside and the heat reaches the deepest layers of the meat.

Gourmia in action, picture credit sousvidewizard


The Gourmia Sous Vide has quite a few pros. The manufacturers claim that their product has made cooking much more interesting and fruitful.

  • Recipe Book: The device comes with a recipe book containing different recipes for everything from vegetables to meat. The recipes also list the right temperature and time for cooking so you can cook tasty fish, duck, meat, or vegetable using this information. There’s absolutely no guesswork on your part.
  • Quality Food: There was a time restaurant quality food was solely available in restaurants. However, Gourmia has made it very easy for people with minimal cooking skills to make delicious food at home without much effort.
  • Cooking time and temperature: The Gourmia immersion circulator offers sufficiently long cooking times as required for sous vide recipes. The maximum time limit for cooking food is 59 hours and the temperature can be set to a limit of 203 Fahrenheit.
  • Colors: The device is available in three different colors. You can choose from gold, black and white. Use it for yourself or send it to a friend who has a knack for cooking.
  • Compact Power: The size of this Gourmia Pod might be small but it has a very strong motor. The 1200 Watt motor might just be one of the strongest on the market yet. This means that food will cook quickly and properly.
  • Portable: With this device, you can cook anywhere you want. Keep it in your bag and take it on your trip. You can use any container that is heat resistant to cook food anywhere you find a power supply.
  • ETL Certified: Gourmia Sous Vide has been certified by ETL. So, you can be sure that the product you are using is not only efficient but is also very safe for you.
  • Convenient: The device makes cooking very convenient. You do not have to circulate the food manually. You can use the device for any container that has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. The water in your container will circulate at 360 degrees at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. This ensures that the flavor saturates equally and your food gets cooked thoroughly.


The Gourmia Sous Vide is quite efficient in its working but it does raise a concern or two.

  • Online availability: While the online availability of this device might be a perk for some people, there are others who do not appreciate online buying. Some people like to touch and test the product that they are buying so they may not be fully satisfied with the product.
  • Connectivity: This model doesn’t have Bluetooth or WiFi features, which can actually work both ways. The less tech savvy may appreciate this absence of technology but others looking for these options will have to consider different models.
  • Size: The size compatible with this device is not suitable for large families. It can fit a 3.5 gallon container easily. If you want to cook something for a larger group or just a bigger batch of food, you will have to cook it in multiple rounds.

Customer Reviews

Average Amazon Reviews, 3.9 stars while comparable machines get mid 4’s.

Amazon reviews for this model are quite positive. Novice and seasoned cooks alike have mentioned how this device made the cooking experience so much easier for them. Cooking with the Gourmia device has been easy and functional with precise results every time.

Users like the simple operation of this unit along with its ability to maintain constant cooking temperatures for long periods of time. Many see it as a straightforward device that doesn’t confuse with excessive technology. If anything, it’s the simplicity of its operation that makes this Gourmia model a hit with many customers.

Those who have used it describe it as a product that delivers as promised.

Some customers felt a minor annoyance as the default settings returned to Celsius every time the device turned on.


The cost for Gourmia GSV130 Digital Sous Vide Machine falls in a price range of under $150. You can buy it from Amazon at minimal shipping. There are also used models available on the website which start as low as around $40 and slightly above. At such a low cost, you can enjoy the same flavor that you get from food cooked in fancy restaurants and cafes.

Picture credit: Foodfornet

Final Verdict

This Gourmia model is made with a lot of attention to detail for provision of ease to the users. The digital display makes it easy for you to track the cooking. Then, there is the alarm that keeps you notified with whatever is happening with your food. So you do not have to run to the kitchen after every 10 minutes or so. Enjoy cooking with this Gourmia home appliance and get the same taste as chef-made food.

Before purchasing, just make sure that your cooking needs are for regular sized and not larger portions. This circulator will serve you best when you use a smaller than 3.5 capacity container. And if you don’t want Wifi features to connect with your smartphone or internet, then the Gourima GSV 130 is the way to go.

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