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Chefman Sous Vide Review

If you’ve ever wondered about the secret behind tenderly cooked beef or buttery salmon that you enjoy at top restaurants, just know that it’s not some secret ingredient or special seasoning. If anything, it is a cooking technique preferred and mastered by professional chefs.

Known as sous vide, this is a slow cooking process that imparts the buttery texture to the salmon and keeps the beef tender and moist. To make this technique accessible to home cooks, more and more home appliance companies are now releasing their models of sous vide cookers and immersion circulators. Among these, the Chefman Sous Vide immersion circulator is an impressive contender. With its easy interface and simple design, this device can bring restaurant quality food to your table without much hassle or effort.


With the help of the Chefman Sous Vide, you can enjoy the same food made by top chefs at home, without having to bear the cost of expensive restaurants.

Following the principles of sous vide cooking, use your Chefman sous vide circulator placed in water bath. Seal your food in a ziploc bag, immerse it in the hot water bath and cook at a precise temperature for a set duration of time. These precise settings keep your food from burning. As your food cooks slowly and gently, the flavor stays put too.

Conventional cooking methods do give you the final product but your end result will lack the taste that comes when you cook with this sous vide cooker.

Suitable for different recipes

The Chefman sous vide circulator is not made for a single or single type of recipe. In fact, it can be used for making anything from pork, beef and chicken to fish and vegetables. You can enjoy everything from a deliciously cooked carrot recipe to a scrumptious beef recipe for game night. No matter what your skill level is in the kitchen, the Chefman Sous Vide makes you a pro at cooking five-star quality food.

Use for reheating

Along with cooking, the immersion circulator can also be used for reheating food. While your microwave strips the food of its moisture and taste, this sous vide reheating method keeps the flavors intact and heats your food from the inside, and not just on the periphery. The Chefman Sous Vide has a PTC heating technology which keeps the temperature constant so that your food heats and cooks at the right heat settings.

Consistent results

While traditional cooking methods are subject to temperature fluctuations, sous vide cooking with this immersion circulator is not. Consistency is very important when it comes to cooking. When you cook with conventional methods, the results will be different each time. On the contrary, you get the same results every time with Chefman Sous Vide because you are using the same device at the same temp and time range. This makes cooking hassle-free and very easy.

Design and Features

This immersion circulator has a sleek poly carbonate, stainless steel finish with a smart LCD display. The display shows time as well as current and set temperatures in oC and oF as per your preference.

The unit measures 15.6” high X 4” wide and weighs 2.5 lbs.

There is a swivel dial that lets you set the cooking duration and temperatures instantly. The smart sensors on this device monitor the water levels and temperatures carefully. The unit will automatically shut off if anything goes out of the safe range.

There is also an adjustable clamp that opens up to 1.5” and fits on most medium or large sized pots.

The 360 degree pump circulates the water around the container so that there are no hot or cold spots as the food cooks. This not only keeps the water at a constant temperature but also maintains it throughout the cooking duration.

This immersion circulator can support a maximum bath volume of up to 4 gallons or 14 liters or water. The minimum water depth should be no less than 2.9” while the maximum water depth should not exceed 5.11”.

The Chefman App

To make things easier for newbies, this immersion circulator also comes with an adjoining app that you can download for Apply and Android. The Chefman Cooking App has many sous vide recipes with precise temperature and time settings for each food. Also, there are how-to videos, taking you step by step through cooking beef, chicken, vegetable and dessert recipes. With this app, you can never go wrong whether you are cooking for yourself or for a large group.

Models that come with Bluetooth and WiFi let you be in full control of your sous vide cooking even from afar. You will receive notifications when the water gets hot and when your food gets done. All you need is your phone with you for constant updates.

Advanced safety measures have been taken in the manufacturing of this device to keep it safe for the users. It has been approved by cETL. On top of that, the manufacturers also give a 1 year warranty for their product.

Pros of Chefman Sous Vide

The Chefman Sous Vide comes with a lot of pros. Many of these are directly related to its distinguishing features and the overall design of the immersion circulator.

Alarm: The immersion circulator has an alarm system which means you will be notified about the finish time of the cooking. You could be anywhere in the house and the alarm will let you know that your food is ready to be seared, broiled or grilled now. As soon as the alarm rings, the temperature will also come back to normal to prevent overcooking the food.

Touch Screen: This immersion circulator has a touch screen so you can program the settings using your fingers instead of having to fidget around with a remote.

LCD Display: The LCD display makes it easy to spot the time and temperature as soon as you enter the kitchen. Since it is bright and glow-in-the-dark, you can read the settings even when cooking overnight.

Clamp: The Chefman Sous Vide comes with an adjustable clamp so it can be attached to any container that you have in the house. The easy clip-on method lets you use this device with various containers you already use for cooking.

Manual: When you buy the Chefman Sous Vide, you also get a manual that informs you in detail about how to use it and the care instructions. You can also find many helpful videos on YouTube to learn more about this device.

Cons of Chefman Sous Vide

There are also a few cons of the Chefman Sous Vide.

Container: Most models these days come with their own container but this one does not. So, if you do not have a heat-proof container at home, you will have to invest in a new one that could cost you about $40.

Size: The size of this unit is larger than many other models. You may need to get a deep enough container or else it may not fit well into smaller containers. Common opinion holds that this circulator is best suited for medium to large sized containers and nothing smaller.


The cost of the Chefman Sous Vide is one of its attractive features. It is available on Amazon for $69.99. This is a great price for technology of this sort. Also, there is a gift wrap option available when you buy it from Amazon. This lets you get it as a gift for a newly married couple or a relative who loves cooking.

What are customers saying?

Customer reviews indicate that this is a popular sous vide immersion circulator. People who have bought this device like its easy usability and consistent results.

Another perk is its very affordable price tag compared to other similar products. This immersion circulator offers all the basic functions as many other more expensive models without having to break the bank.

However, there have been some serious complaints about getting defective units in the mail. That said, customer service has been quick to replace broken/ defective items.

Some customers feel that the final beeping sound when the food is done is barely audible and they’ve had to use other timers instead.

Should you get it?

The Chefman immersion circulator is suitable for both beginner and professional sous vide cooks. However, you have to remember that sous vide is a slow cooking method.

If you’re okay with waiting and letting your food cook for hours, then this is a good investment. The price, ease-of-use and customer support make it worth the wait. But if you don’t have time to wait for your meals, then you could consider another, faster cooking method.


The Chefman Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is equipped with all the features that a device of this sort should have. Judging from the positive reviews, we can say that this kitchen appliance is a promising one. Keeping things very simply and easy, the Chefman Sous Vide can really help make any recipe better.

If you want to get the same delicious results every time with your cooking, then this immersion circulator is a great investment.

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