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Best Sous Vide’s Reviewed

As sous vide slowly reaches domestic settings from restaurants, a good precision cooker has become the need of the hour. And as more and more people become familiar with the concept of sous vide cooking, the demand for immersion circulators and sous vide cookers is on the rise.

Given this demand, many companies have released their best equipment for this cooking technique. Here, we discuss some of the best precision cookers, in terms of effectiveness and popularity that are in the market at the moment.

Here’s a quick look at what each one offers before going into details:

Tabular Comparison of Sous Vide Cookers


Sous Vide Cooker Features
Anova Precision Cooker
  • 800 Watt power
  • Has over 1000 recipes on the app
  • Can be controlled manually or from the app
  • Gives cook notifications
  • LED display
  • Easily programmable
  • 360 water propelling with strong motor
Joule Sous Vide
  • 1100 Watt Power
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Supports Amazon Alexa
  • Unique “Visual Doneness” feature
  • Versatile clip
  • Supporting App
  • Fast yet light
  • Stainless steel body for extreme durability
Sansaire Sous Vide
  • 1000 Watts
  • Active pump for water circulation
  • Available in two colors
  • Digital reading on an LED
  • Stainless steel finish
PolyScience Sous Vide Immersion Circulator
  • 1100 Watt Power
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pump flow regulation up to 90 degrees
  • Works with 8 gallons of water
  • Easily clipped on to any container
Wancle Immersion Sous Vide Circulator
  • 850 Watt Power
  • Circulates water uniformly
  • Stainless steel body
  • 100 hour time range
  • 25 to 99 degrees temperature range


Anova Precision Cooker

Do you want to nail a Thanksgiving turkey or steak in your first attempt? Or perhaps you want to make cooking easier than conventional methods? If you wish to do so, then the Anova Precision cooker is your best friend in the kitchen. The manufacturers claim that the results you get with their device cannot be achieved by any other cooking method.

Keeping aesthetics and performance in mind, the manufacturers have put together a sous vide device that is highly stylish yet simple to use. With a fairly simple interface, a highly functional clamp and a precision cooking mechanism, you can’t go wrong with this device.

With an 800 Watt motor, the Anova precision cooker circulates water in the container at high speed ensuring that the heat seeps into the food from all sides. This also saves energy and a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on waiting for the water to heat up to the cooking temp.

This cooker has a temperature range of 25 Celsius to 99 Celsius. With its high-precision technology, even a 1 degree difference is noticed by the cooker. Pumping 8 liters of water per minute, this cooker has a pump speed of 1 GMP. Since it comes with a tank, you do not have to invest in your own. The capacity for this tank is 15 to 19 liters which is more than enough for a middle sized family.

The Anova makes cooking even more fun for you as it comes with an in-app control feature. You can control and program the device using the app. Just select any recipe from the app and the settings on your cooker will get programmed according to the requirements of that recipe.

There is no need to worry even if you are new to sous vide cooking. This is because the Anova comes with an app that has over a 1000 recipes. These sous vide recipes have been formulated and tested by top chefs from around the world. When you start cooking with the Anova Precision cooker, you get cook notifications. This is really helpful for people who need to multi task. You can keep yourself busy with other work while the cooker keeps you notified about the progress of your food.

The app has a user-friendly interface, letting you share recipes with your friends. So the next time your guests ask you what recipe you use for your top notch steak, you can share it with them too. Also, there are numerous video tutorials on the app to teach you sous vide cooking. The step by step instructions make cooking so much easier even for beginner level home cooks.

The different Anova cookers range from $99 to $150. You can go for the Nano version or the bigger sizes, depending on your needs. It has a rating of 4.3 on Amazon, which means it has satisfied many customers.

Joule Sous Vide

The Joule Sous Vide cooker is another sous vide machine that is popular among customers. It features a minimalist yet highly elegant design staring with its stainless steel body. The cap and base are both made with stainless steel which makes cleaning very easy. Also, the cold-forged body is resistant to corrosion and will last the test of time because of its durability.

As compared to some other immersion circulators, this one is smaller in size which makes it easy to store. Just keep it in the knife compartment or the silverware drawer to save space.

The supporting app of this cooker is next-level in its features and ease of use. It has a Visual Doneness feature which lets you see how your food will turn out. This lets you see the final results even before you start cooking. The app also has about a 100 cooking guides that will help you excel at sous vide. These recipes have been devised by the in-house chefs at Chef Steps.

Just like the Anova Precision Cooker, this one also has connectivity features. You can connect your phone to the cooker via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This makes it really easy to control the settings and check on the doneness of the food even when you are not in the kitchen. Since the immersion circulator comes with a magnetic base, it can be attached anywhere easily. The versatile clip makes it compatible to any pot you have in the house.

The Joule Sous Vide immersion circulator is way faster than your everyday circulators out there. It has a wattage of 1100 Watts which heats up water in a matter of seconds while cooking your food at a fast pace too. The settings are easy to program and the temperature settings are precise up to 0.1 F or Celsius.

If you have Amazon Alexa at home, then you are in luck because the immersion circulator can also be controlled with your voice because of its Alexa skill. Weighing only 1.3 pounds, this immersion circulator might just be the lightest one in the market. Do not let the size or weight fool you because the strength of this device is matchless in terms of wattage and precision. It is available on Amazon for $199 and has a rating of 4.2

Sansaire Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

She’s a beauty! Sansaire Sous Vide in action

The Sansaire Sous Vide immersion circulator has a smart clip which can be hooked to any heat-resistant pot. Just do that and you are ready to start cooking.

The 1000 Watt motor heats the water quickly and propels it so that your food does not stay undercooked. Plus, the 360 circulation feature of this immersion circulator has got you covered ensuring that the water bath stays at a consistent temperature. There won’t be any uneven hot/cold spots in the water bath and your food gets exposed to even temperatures during the entire cooking process.

The Sansaire sous vide immersion circulator works with a maximum volume of up to 6 gallons so you can easily feed a party of 8. Weighing 5.9 lbs., this immersion circulator is slightly heavier than other ones on our list. Still, it saves you the cost of expensive vacuum sealing bags as it works just fine with any zip lock or food-grade freeze bag that you may have at home.

The LED screen lets you read the temperature and time settings in any light all the way from the kitchen door. The manufacturers have equipped this device with the latest and most innovative thermometer which keeps the temperature in 0.1 degrees of the desired temperature for cooking a meal. This is why the Sansaire immersion circulator is extremely precise, giving you best results every single time.

It is a model that is most suitable for cooks who want to keep their cooking simple. Unlike the Anova and Joule immersion circulators, the Sanasire does not have connectivity features. However, that does not take anything away from its performance as an exceptional sous vide device.

From salmon fillets to soft-boiled eggs, you can cook everything with this cooker. Made with stainless steel, the cooker will last you a long time since it is corrosion resistant. The body material is also very easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth and you are ready to use it again.

It comes in black color with a sleek finish to match the aesthetics of your kitchen. You can get the product from Amazon for $189. It has received most ratings of 4 starts and many positive reviews about its performance.

PolyScience Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Polyscience getting the job done with ribs

PolyScience is a company that has been making sous vide immersion circulators for quite a while now. It is a brand trusted by chefs all around the world. The company came out with their Creative series for home cooks which is a more cost effective alternative to their Chef series.

As claimed by the manufacturers, the aim of this immersion circulator is to bring sous vide cooking to your home kitchen. Giving you complete control over the timing and the quality of food you want, this immersion circulator will turn any beginner level cook into a pro.

The best part about this device is that you get the same results with every use. You can impress your guests with your awesome steak recipes or your carrots without fail every single time. Since it lets you set a precise time and temperature for each recipe, you can rely on getting consistent results without any fluctuations.

The clamp design is rugged to allow attachment to a variety of containers. You can use it with stock pots or larger heat-resistant containers. This feature allows you to cook for your family or even for a larger group of people.

To get the right sized water bath for your cooking, the front of the immersion circulator is marked with the minimum and maximum levels of water volume. This way you can’t go wrong with preparing the right sized water bath.

The PolyScience immersion circulator works with 8 gallons of water or a 30 liter bath volume. This is a suitable volume for home cooks. The 1100 Watt strong motor pumps out 12 liters of water per minute eliminating the need for you to stand over the container and monitor it. Cook perfect food without any hassle in your own convenience.

It has a temperature range of up to 99 degrees Celsius or 210F which is suitable for most sous vide recipes.

The Auto Restart feature starts the cooking process again without you having to program the settings in case of a power failure. The device is ETL approved this immersion circulator for sanitation so you can use it at home without any worries.

The pump-flow regulation feature keeps the food cooked precisely. In conventional methods, there are hot and cold spots in the container as the food is only getting heat from the bottom. With this immersion circulator, the problem is solved as water is being circulated to provide heat to the food from all sides.

From desserts and appetizers to main courses, everything is possible with this amazing device. It is available on Amazon for $179 and has a rating of 4 stars from most of its customers. If you are looking for a device that delivers good value for its price, this could be a good option.

Wancle Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Wancle In Action

The Wancle Sous Vide Immersion circulator is a great choice for people who are just stepping into sous vide cooking and familiarizing themselves with this science.

This unit is made with a stainless steel finish and cleaning this material is a no-hassle task. You can wipe anything off it with a damp cloth. Also, the steel provides durability to the device ensuring that it will serve you well for many years to come.

The manufactures aimed this device for new cooks which is why they have kept it very simple. It is incredibly easy to use with its user-friendly interface and no-tech features. The creative minds behind the Wancle sous vide circulator say that the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features make cooking even more complicated which is why they have kept these features out of their device. Simplicity is the key. There is no need for any fancy equipment as the immersion circulator is compatible with any ziploc bag and heat-resistant container.

The circulating system is extremely silent so you won’t have to go through the nuisance of listening to the motor for hours. It also has smart technology features that cut off the power should the water level goes below the minimum limit. .

The temperature on this device is accurate up to 0.1 degrees so the precision is hard to match. Also, the temperature range is very wide from 25 degrees to 99 degrees. The maximum cook time for this immersion circulator is 100 hours so it can be used to cook almost everything.

With an 850 Watt power motor, this immersion circulator is not as strong as other circulators on this list but it is good for anyone who is just starting out.

With this device, your food will be perfectly cooked every time retaining all its nutrition and flavor. Even if you are buying a sous vide immersion circulator for the first time, you can trust this device as it comes with a one year guarantee.

The Wancle Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is priced at $79 on Amazon. It has a rating of about 4.5 which is great for a kitchen appliance of this sort. Customers have found its working quite satisfactory and there are almost no complains about its functionality.


All the immersion circulators on this list work great in their own way. They have the same baseline features and you will get amazing results with all of them. Still, one or two of them stand out because of their distinguishing features and extra pros. For expert cooks who want to polish their skills and who have a budget for latest technology, the Joule Sous Vide Immersion Circulator is a great choice. It works with basically every technological device from your phone to Alexa home, making it very convenient to use. On top of that, the recipe guide makes cooking much easier than it is with conventional methods.

On the other hand, if you are relatively a newbie and you don’t have much to spend, the Wancle Sous Vide Immersion circulator could be your pick. It works just as well as any high end immersion circulator. The only thing it lacks is connectivity which many home cooks won’t even find relevant.

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