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Best Sous Vide Bags

Sous vide is all about cooking for longer periods of time to get deliciously succulent results. The technique involves placing food in a sealed, quality plastic bag, immersing it in a water bath set to a specific temperature, and letting it cook.

Since the bag is an integral component of this cooking process, it makes sense to pay attention to the quality of the bag. While you can make do with freezer bags which you have been using to store food in the refrigerator, you do have to be quite careful about how heat will impact these.

Sous vide food is cooked in water with a high-temperature which can impact plastic and release toxins that don’t only affect the taste but also the nutritional value of your food. Moreover, the toxins can cause many health risks as well. So it is recommended to pick vacuum food bags which are specially designed for sous vide cooking.

Sous Vide Vacuum Bags

Sous vide vacuum bags are specially made for cooking on high temperature to retain the taste and benefits of protein rich ingredients in your meal. These vacuum bags will seal your chicken, meat, beef or pork to preserve maximum taste and texture. This quality ensures that your food cooks properly and you get the soft and tender texture of food that you desire. Besides that, sous vide vacuum bags also have better zippers and come with kits that will make your cooking experience easier.

Sous vide bags are also very useful as most of them are reusable. You can use them to seal your food and store it for upcoming weeks. These bags will make sure that your food remains delicious and nutritious for a longer time period.

By purchasing the sous vide cooking bags, you can make sous vide cooking easier especially if you are new to the art of culinary skills.

Some Considerations When Buying Sous Vide Vacuum Bags

When you buy sous vide bags, you should consider the meal portions and utensil sizes that you will use to cook your meals. There are many sous vide kits which come with different sized bags so they can be used for cooking for various occasions.

These bags are also heavy duty so they tolerate heat well. The seal used on these bags won’t degrade or break over long cook times as it may on regular freezer bags.

You can browse through different types of bags before you make your purchase. Here are some of the best in this category so you can make an informed decision:


  1. Sous Vide Art Sous Vide Bag

The Sous Vide Art package includes 30 reusable sous vide bags along with a vacuum pump and size clips. This package includes three different sizes of bags which will easily fit into different sized pots as you prepare your sous vide meals.

These are reusable bags which can be carried for travelling, to the office, and at home as well. You can use them for keeping leftover food, sandwiches or other food portions while saving space in your fridge or freezer.

Another great thing about this set is that you get a sous vide vacuum pump to take out all the air and ensure that your food stays fresh five times longer than otherwise. Your sous vide protein will also cook better when your bag is free from air. The same mechanism also makes more space for the water balls to be placed in the container during cooking.

On the other hand, the sous vide clips can be used for tying the bag to the pot while it steams in the water bath. They will ensure that the bag remains completely attached in a stable position during the entire cooking time. In addition, two more clips are included for completely sealing the bag before putting it in the pot, freezer or microwave.

Customer reviews rate this product as a quality item that delivers results as promised. The different bag sizes are also a hit with customers making it easy to use them for different purposes. Everything from carrying lunches to storing food in the freezer can be done with these handy bags.

You can purchase this sous vide accessory set for a price range starting from $25 and above.


  • Comes with multiple sous vide accessories
  • Bags are reusable and can be used for storing and carrying food
  • Bags are made from FDA approved material


  • Bag seals may not be the sturdiest


  1. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

The Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer is a sleek looking set containing an automatic bag sealer, a wine stopper cork, an air suction hose and five sous vide bags.

It is a comprehensive set of accessories that addresses various aspects of the cooking process. The automatic vacuum sealer allows you to seal the bag before steaming it in the water bath. It features an electric plug-in design along with soft-touch digital buttons and LED indicator lights.

The entire control center is on the top panel which will help you seal food bags for sous vide cooking and storing food. This model features two sealing modes. The first is dry indication which can be used for solid food items. The second is moist indication suitable for simmered, steamed and poached food.

In order to make sure that that customers get the promised quality, this is a lab tested product which has shown significantly distinguished results.

It is a high end product that is available at a price range starting around $60 and above.

Customers who have used this product have been impressed with the results in keeping food fresh for much longer. The vacuum sealer works really well for freezing leftovers as well.

Overall, this is a sous vide kit perfect for anyone getting started with their culinary journey.


  • Comprehensive starter kit
  • Sleek design
  • Consistent results
  • Vacuum sealer features digital functions and LED indicators


  • The tray for catching moisture is not removable


  1. Uarter Sous Vide Bags

The Uarter Sous Vide package offers 15 sous vide vacuum bags, two clips and one hand suction pump. Together, all these accessories make up for the essentials that you need to start sous vide cooking.

One notable feature about these bags is that they are made from high-end polyethylene which is FDA approved and 100% BPA free. This feature ensures that your meals are prepared safely even when working with high temperatures.

Once you have put the protein-rich marinated ingredients in the food bag, use the suction pump that comes along to flatten the bag. This will ensure that your food cooks properly while it heats in the water bath.

The vacuum pump also comes with a detachable base making it super easy to clean. In order to help you attach the food bag to the pots, there are clips included in this package.

The reusable bags can be used for up to 10 times and you can use dish soap, vinegar and warm water to thoroughly cleanse them. This also means that you can use the bags for storing your leftover food or carrying food while traveling.

This is a very affordable sous vide accessory set that starts with a price range of around $20 dollars or slightly above.

Customers who have used these bags are generally happy with this purchase with the quality of the bags being as sturdy as advertised. The accompanying hand pump is also considered a useful feature since it is compact and easy to store as compared to larger automatic vacuum sealers.


  • Contains bags, clips and an air suction pump
  • Bags made from FDA graded material for safety
  • Can be used up to 10 times


  • The bags might be somewhat hard to clean


  1. Jeatonge Sous Vide Bags

This sous vide cooking kit by Jeatonge includes 25 seal bags, 2 hand pumps and four clips. The reusable seal bags are made from FDA approved food-safe material which is 100% BPA free.

What make these bags special are the double zippers which seal them perfectly for sous vide cooking. The double closure helps keep the air out and seals them completely.

The vacuum pump will help you take out all the air from the bag making it air-free and retaining the taste of the food. There is also a pumping valve on the bag for improved performance. Once you have taken out all the air, seal the bags further with zippers and clips and put them in the sous vide water bath.

Additionally, there is a label feature on each bag where you can write down names and expiry dates for each food before you store them or carry them along to work or trips.

These are reusable bags which can be washed after every use. Once they dry out, they will be read for use again. The bags are also compatible with different sous vide machines.

You can get hold of this sous vide accessory set at the very reasonable price of about $18 and above.

Customer reviews suggest that this set is very good for storing food for longer periods. However, there were some concerns about the bags being unsuitable for sous vide cooking.


  • Sous vide kit contains seal bags, air suction pumps and clips
  • Bags have double zippers
  • Multiple sized bags
  • Cost effective vacuum seal set


  • Air suction may be difficult to use


  1. SIOchef Sous Vide Bags

The SIOchef offers a package of two large silicone bags which are exclusively made for sous vide cooking. These bags are special because they are reusable and made from non-leaching material. They also offer you the capacity to contain larger food portions.

As per sous vide cooking requirements, the bags are safe for high-temperature cooking. Manufacturers have used food-grade silicone to lend sturdiness and durability to this product. They are also free from BPA, petroleum, DEHP, dyes and chemicals so you can cook protein without health risks involved in the process.

Something unique to these bags is their design structure. They come with a round bottom unlike others which makes it easier to wash them and get the entire gunk out of them. Whether you are cooking chicken, fish or steak, you can use these bags which are 13 x 9 inches in size and offer a greater capacity to cook larger meals.

Another notable feature about these silicone bags is that they are 30% thinner compared to average silicone bags allowing better heat exchange. Not only will your food will cook faster but also better. Finally, the extra-long design is a technique for superior air displacement so you will not need a vacuum sealer. You can easily wield these in the water using clips or water balls during the process of sous vide cooking.

You can get these handy bags at a price staring from $20 and above.

Customers who have used this product rank it as one of the best in this category. Its round design and sturdy construction complements sous vide cooking practices well, allowing the food to remain submerged throughout the cooking duration.

The only setback is that there is no zipper seal on these bags. This makes them unsuitable for storing food in the fridge or freezer.


  • Two large FDA approved silicone bags
  • Easy to wash
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Multiple uses
  • Very durable construction
  • 30% thinner for better heat exchange


  • May be difficult to tackle if you are new to silicone
  • Not suitable for storing food as there is no zipper seal

While there are many types of sous vide bags available, you will need to keep your cooking practices in mind before you make a purchase. For most home cooks, the bags can make cooking easier while also allowing them to freeze their leftovers for prolonged freshness.

Quality sous vide vacuum bags are designed from material which resists the harms of temperature saving your food from absorbing toxins and giving you the best nutritional meals. To sum up, you can enhance your cooking experience when you use the right equipment.

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